Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christine's PICK OF THE DAY

One of the great things about Victoria's Secret apparel is every now & then they always have that one unique, eye catching piece that has people asking you where did you get that , I love it! The "KIMONO DRESS". This dress says flirty & sophisticated all in one.

Friday, December 18, 2009


A fun alternative to Uggs....
If you don't have a pair, it's still not too about one of the best investments I made in 2008 for Fall/Winter 2009, Rubber Duck Snow Joggers. This warm and comfy sneaker boot has all the benefits of Uggs, but with more of a WOW FACTOR. Rubber Ducks made their debut on the celeb scene in 2007 and is also favored in the UK....I receive compliments or intrigued stares when I wear them, as if people are drawn to & women alike ...which leads me to believe that this boot is going to have some fashion staying power. These boots are available for both men and women.

For a hipster look with the same umph and all the faux fur insulated fixin's, there's also Women's Nike Snow Waffle CL.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I could give you a million reasons why I'd like to be a man...Ehhmm ladies I think we all know the #1 reason, no pun intended. If you're still thinking about it..long lines, long car you get it? Ok, let's get back to fashion. I'm obsessed with hi-top sneakers. For years men's sneaker styles have dominated women's styles, and with sneakers being bigger than ever for both genres, the men still take the lead in the creative foot race. Sneakers now having a whole world of their own and acknowledging that there is definitely a great selection for women, especially young women, I still can't help to wander over to the men's side. Maybe it's the inner tomboy in me or the fashionista that likes that extra edge in men's kicks. I don't know, but in the era of androgyny why limit ourselves! So I think it's worth mentioning or at least taking a look at one of my many favorite sneakers...for men of course, but this is not stopping me....Reebok's Ex-O-Fit Hi SG Strap. It's 80's meets future. What's not to like about that!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


PhotobucketSo Megan Fox's hot white Kaufman Franco dress was so yesterday, literally, but today it's Megan Fox's hot white dress and the purple grape nail polish she was wearing to compliment it! Maybe you're thinking, how the hell did I notice her polish??? Part of my job as a trend reporter was to notice the LITTLE THINGS and after all, the color of nail polish plays a fun role in fashion. To be really honest I just couldn't help notice it as I was watching her E! News interview with Ryan Seacrest today.
It's nice to see a pop of color with an elegant white dress. It's definitely a fun way to show the youth in this 22 year old up & coming actress. Not to mention that she's starting a new trend in long dresses with slinky, silhouettes, solid satin finishes, and screams classy & vixen all in one...Sugar & Spice IS very nice.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Dear Fashion Followers,
Soon snapped4style blog will feature monthly trend boards with snap shots of Facebook Fashionistas!

Inspired by MySpace Muse, Facebook members interested in becoming the fashion of facebook can send me a message through facebook or with your name, age, what brand are you wearing, & how you would describe your style. Please send your favorite full-length snapped4style shots that shows what your style is made of!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Brought to us by Balenciaga, YSL & Rodarte... In case you haven't noticed those "hooker heels" most of us are wearing in one form or know, the thick high platform shoes, strappy or caged in sandals, and liquid leggings are a direct influence of the S&M, bondage, & goth scene. I love how something SOOO TABOO, SO REPRESSED, SO UNDERGROUND is SO IN YOUR FACE in fashion....and if you haven't already seen or heard the buzz of the Fetishly Sexy Photo Shoot for W MAGAZINE, featuring Bruce Willis and his model wife, Emma Heming, in some very risque bondage poses you should check it's HOT! . There's so much to appreciate about this 11 page spread.. the creativity behind it, the art & intensity captured in the images & of course the fashion from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Dior, Rodarte, Nina Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana to name a few. Ever wonder what's the direct relation between sodomy & fashion??? In times of hardship we seek outlets to release tension, during America's Great Depression in the 1930's came underground burlesque shows and cabarets so it only makes sense that in the recession of 2009 many of us feel like our hands are all senses of the word...HEY... to each his own!! ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I decided I'm going to use my blog to give awards & applauds to fashion & anyone who creatively contributes to it. Drum role please....

Today's award goes to Laura Brandon, an up & coming shoe designer. Laura Brandon created her version of the chicest & fashionably unique Gladiator Sandal around....The Gladiator Bootie, inspired by fashionable footwear in Brazil. To my dismay, New York City still hasn't caught on to this sexy, must have style. That is why we have to give Laura Brandon a round of applause for being on the pulse with this trend since last summer.

Photobucket This summer, Chinese Laundry gets some snaps for being the next brand to catch up with the Brazilians. I first spotted these sexy booties in March 2008 while working at a trend forecasting company and I haven't been able to get my mind off of them since. Any woman who has ever had love at first sight with a shoe knows we will go on a hunt and do anything and everything to have it! That's how my intense Internet search led me to Laura Brandon in the summer of 2008 & the sandals are still smokin' in 2009. So if you have some connects in      Brazil, start making some calls...if not checkout or

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi, this is a test run and I'm Christine. Very excited about the opening of H&M on 86th Street NYC. What I found more captivating and mesmerizing was the vibrant & rich colors of Canary Yellow, Fuchsia, and Turquoise/Teal proudly displayed on the men's side of the store...not to mention a beautiful pair of men's khakis in a Garden Green. I'm always captivated by men's fashion b/c for women fashion is predisposed to be absolutely fabulous for us. It's so nice to see men's fashion take on a role of their own without having to be gay or as some men, straight men would say..."looking gay". Now don't get me wrong, I give a huuuuuuuuuge round of applause to our gay society that continues to push the fashion envelope. I also give a big hands up to any man in general who's not afraid to experiment...ehhhmmmm...with fashion! An ex-boyfriend of mine always asked me to help him with his style and one day he made an interesting point," men's fashion is not about being gay, it's just that gay men have the CONFIDENCE to wear it." Looking good overall is about confidence and that is not limited to a specific genre which is why I LOVED the turquoise/teal canvas sneakers at H&M for men...I mean this is an awesome color and how sexy is the man that wears it!!!! Along with an intense yellow cotton/linen button down shirt. I found myself so enamored with it that I had even considered getting it for myself just to not let a good shirt with great color go to waste, but it wouldn't of have the same effect as ooooh lets say the confident man it. That's it for today...more fun stuff to come soon...thanks!