Sunday, June 14, 2009


I decided I'm going to use my blog to give awards & applauds to fashion & anyone who creatively contributes to it. Drum role please....

Today's award goes to Laura Brandon, an up & coming shoe designer. Laura Brandon created her version of the chicest & fashionably unique Gladiator Sandal around....The Gladiator Bootie, inspired by fashionable footwear in Brazil. To my dismay, New York City still hasn't caught on to this sexy, must have style. That is why we have to give Laura Brandon a round of applause for being on the pulse with this trend since last summer.

Photobucket This summer, Chinese Laundry gets some snaps for being the next brand to catch up with the Brazilians. I first spotted these sexy booties in March 2008 while working at a trend forecasting company and I haven't been able to get my mind off of them since. Any woman who has ever had love at first sight with a shoe knows we will go on a hunt and do anything and everything to have it! That's how my intense Internet search led me to Laura Brandon in the summer of 2008 & the sandals are still smokin' in 2009. So if you have some connects in      Brazil, start making some calls...if not checkout or

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