Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I could give you a million reasons why I'd like to be a man...Ehhmm ladies I think we all know the #1 reason, no pun intended. If you're still thinking about it..long lines, long car rides...now you get it? Ok, let's get back to fashion. I'm obsessed with hi-top sneakers. For years men's sneaker styles have dominated women's styles, and with sneakers being bigger than ever for both genres, the men still take the lead in the creative foot race. Sneakers now having a whole world of their own and acknowledging that there is definitely a great selection for women, especially young women, I still can't help to wander over to the men's side. Maybe it's the inner tomboy in me or the fashionista that likes that extra edge in men's kicks. I don't know, but in the era of androgyny why limit ourselves! So I think it's worth mentioning or at least taking a look at one of my many favorite sneakers...for men of course, but this is not stopping me....Reebok's Ex-O-Fit Hi SG Strap. It's 80's meets future. What's not to like about that!