Monday, September 13, 2010


Douche Bag, Asshole, Jerkoffs and Scumbags....this has been the biggest buzz besides Fashion Week & the season finale of True Blood...Kanye creates controversy again and we love him for it....I mean whole else can get on stage and pull off a tribute to all the scumbags in the world and take pride in it. We wouldn't accept Kanye any other way! So here's a "toast" to you Kanye...I love your sense of confidence, I love your songs, and ah yeah..I love your sense of style besides you only Santa can pull off a red suit! This is a fresh take on a man's suit..the beauty of it is it's meant to be worn casually. Loved the whole effect of the pop of red against the black & white stripes of the stage. Kanye has some fcuk ups every now & then, but when it comes to fashion he knows his ish! Let's face it...he makes a STATEMENT in ALL SENSES of the word.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


H&M Jeans & Tees, Victoria's Secret Tuxedo Jacket, Forever 21 Shoes
Dear Curvy Ladies,

You don't have to be "skinny" to wear skinny jeans despite what the fashion industry says. Now I don't agree with squeezing into something that's just not your size. Anyone who knows me can tell you my legs...especially my calves were not made for most pants period! Especially ones made for 5"10 waif models. However, I like to think of myself as a model regardless...after all life is a runway show...well ok...I'm may be stretching it, but NYC is definitely a catwalk.
Here's the tricky IF you can manage to get yourself into a pair of skinny's like I did...eventhough to be honest...I had someone pick me up from the waist like a puppet to get in them...the KEY to curvy girls and skinny jeans is proportion. In other words balance your top with the bottom.

Wear a heel to add length to your legs
Wear an oversized flowy waist length sweater if you want to show off the rump, so that the fullness on top balances the bottom to make it look thinner
Layer tops to create balance as well

Wear an ankle or knee high boot that's too high and cuts off the length of your legs
Wear a shirt that's too long that will also cut off your length
A top too small and too tight that will make your skinny jeans not look so skinny

Go get skinny wit it!