Sunday, August 21, 2011


I got invited to the closing of the NYILFF, "New York International Latin Film Festival".  An offer I couldn't refuse because A. I'm a proud Latina  B.  A cultural event in the one and only NYC.  This event was sponsored by Heineken and included open bar on the terrace of the AMC Movie Theater in Times Square, a free movie screening, and an after party at the Highline Ballroom which is very swanky.  So what do you wear when you're going to a rooftop event by day and a NYC skyline view by night ? My one-piece 70s' inspired H&M pants suit for $19.95! I got this in February 2011, and finally was able to pull it out of the closet!  By the way the movie was "Our Latin Thing, Nuestra Cosa".  A documentary on a famous salsa group, FANIA and their performances at The Cheetah Club, NYC in the 70s.  All I can say is the rhythm and beats made me feel so alive it had me wiggling in my seat and tears coming out of my eyes.  It was the highpoint of Salsa and when people really had fun in the purest way.  Thank you know who for taking me.