Monday, April 4, 2011


Photobucket If I overhear a conversation having to do with fashion that can use some enlightening, you can be sure I'm going to blog about it!

I was in BEBE the other day and a girl in her early 20s was trying on this "Ruched Panel Lace-up Maxi Dress" walking around the store in it, telling her friend "Oh my God, I love this dress" as she twirled around in it. She stopped in front of the mirror to admire it & said, "But I have no where to where this to." FREEZE MOMENT ... WHAT! UNFREEZE! I said to her, "This is New York City, what do you mean you have no where to where that to !?..Where it to a club"  She said, "It's a long dress, it's too dressy for a club." OH YES YOU CAN!  I told her throw a belt around that , some bangles, skinny necklace & boom now it's casual & girls will envy you for taking one small step for mankind  one giant leap for fashion!

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