Thursday, April 28, 2011


Photobucket"Andy you GOONIEEEEEE !" Who could forget the scene in one of the famous teen movies of all time  when "Andy" sends Troy's Letterman sweater up the wishing well in THE GOONIES.   Letterman sweaters & varsity jackets is an American tradition which symbolizes the elite high school athlete.  It's a way to express accomplishment stylishly.  It was also tradition for an athlete to give his girlfriend the letter jacket as way to show they were together as a couple or token of his affection.   Equivalent to today's Facebook status "in a relationship"..aahhhh the good ol' days.  Anyhow, Snapped4Style loves Q&A. 

A reader wrote:  I'm looking for a really cute varsity jacket for September. I know it's a little while away but I need to get my hand on a cute varsity Letterman jacket that is trendy and not so pricey. I've been looking around and the one I loved was made two years ago and they don't make it anymore (by Adidas) I might have to get it custom made. Be on the look out for me! xoxo
A. H&M has some for sure. I always think it would be cool too to go to your old high school & see if you can buy one from them.

*The Goonies, American Tradition, High School all brings back nostalgia. I have always thought about going back to my old Alma Maters to buy tees to sport with some outfits....not a bad idea if you ask me.  It's original, holds personal meaning, & represents you which is what I love about fashion!

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