Sunday, May 22, 2011


"Two beautiful girls stand before me" as Tyra Banks says, "But I only have one" opinion in my head.

Selina Gomez, a beautiful 19 year old girl with amazing talent, Justin Bieber as a boyfriend & also my vote for Best Dressed. Selina STOP dressing like a WOMAN! Tell your stylist what you wear is beautiful...for a 30 something year old like Charlize Theron! Dress your age like Vanessa Hudgens who is older than u btw.

Then I have Rihanna, a beautiful songstress in so many ways, who takes risks on fashion, followed for what she wears by the Paparazzi, always in an array of colors and mixed prints, & designers love your fashion edge, but for a Music Award you did like Selina and dressed like a 40 year old woman.  A white suit is beautiful, but that & the short hairdo wasn't appropriate for the show.

So who stays and who goes ?  You both get my pick as WORST DRESSED
Selina Gomez, Right
Rihanna, Left

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