Monday, September 13, 2010


Douche Bag, Asshole, Jerkoffs and Scumbags....this has been the biggest buzz besides Fashion Week & the season finale of True Blood...Kanye creates controversy again and we love him for it....I mean whole else can get on stage and pull off a tribute to all the scumbags in the world and take pride in it. We wouldn't accept Kanye any other way! So here's a "toast" to you Kanye...I love your sense of confidence, I love your songs, and ah yeah..I love your sense of style besides you only Santa can pull off a red suit! This is a fresh take on a man's suit..the beauty of it is it's meant to be worn casually. Loved the whole effect of the pop of red against the black & white stripes of the stage. Kanye has some fcuk ups every now & then, but when it comes to fashion he knows his ish! Let's face it...he makes a STATEMENT in ALL SENSES of the word.