Monday, June 7, 2010


With Sex and The City 2 in theaters, besides the fun, friendship, and fashion, talk after the movie has been can there be fashion after 40? Sarah Jessica Parker as herself and Carrie Bradshaw has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt throughout the years.

Well at the MTV Movie Awards, talk is always about the awards, the jokes, the performances and yes yes, the fashion. MTV serves as a platform for celebs to show their fun, edgy side of fashion and the youth in us all.

Miss SJP at the age of 43 ROCKED an outfit most 25 year olds could wear at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.

This year Sandra Bullock at 46 gets my vote as BEST DRESSED at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards...I don't know which was HOTTER Sandra or the black sparkle backless Oday Shakar dress? I have to say it was both, but she definitely made the dress shine, even if she had gone against Betty White's advice not to wear it backwards lol