Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A sunny day brings people out & about, but something about summer in the air allows the fashion in people to shine...I couldn't stay out as long as I wanted to today, nonetheless, I'd like to THANK all the Natural Born Dressers today who allowed me to take a minute of their day to pose for Snapped4Style!

Love how this girl took a beach casual look and sexed it up with Alexander Wang like ankle boots & a vintage like shoulder bag for that extra yet unique touch!

After chasing down the girl above, I spotted this oh so cool guy just hanging out & about. The colors in the flannel shirt popped out nicely against the ripped & torn white denim shorts. Not to mention the cut off sleeves brings this winter/fall item right into summer!

I have one word for this duo...CONFIDENCE! because that what it takes to wear lots of color and they did it well. Her green shoes liven up the blue in her dress, and well him, what can I say! Has to be the best look I saw in the day!

I noticed this guy from a mile away & that's a good thing. His whole look was like an antique painting that had come to life & he brings it right into summer with a cream fedora, white sunglasses, & white boat loafers.

This girl used neutrals in all the right ways down to the tint in her sunglasses. Simple yet stylish. She also wore a nameplate necklace...sooooo Carrie and I like it!

Jeff is his name & Captain EO is his game! Well his shirt at's a remake of Michael Jackson's Captain EO logo.
Aside from keeping MJs memory alive, Jeff is the complete fashion package... loved all the black accents from the over sized wayfare sunglasses, nice shoulder bag and check out the patent leather wallet.

Last but NOT LEAST, my new found friend Natasha. Natasha is an aspiring stylist. As she was whizzing through Union Sq, her punchy green purse against her royal blue silk like jumper caught my eye. As I stopped her, I was only happier to see her outfit completed with grey suede strapped, peep toe pumps.