Saturday, January 9, 2010


I was in H&M yesterday getting the finishing touches to my Friday night outfit. While standing in line, the cashier jokingly mentions to another cashier that a woman came in earlier and asked a floor person for fashion help. Empathetically, I laughed & said, "Not everyone has a sense of style." In which he replies, "It's not about a sense of style, it's about being you...we try to teach our customers that, but some just don't get it." Ok..tell me something I don't know hahahaa, yet it's still worth mentioning....

The beauty about fashion is anything goes, the key is making it look like art. Some people are naturals and others put some thought into it. Nonetheless, putting an outfit together is like decorating a room, you get knick knacks here & there, some match some don't, yet it all comes together. At the end of the day or should I say at the beginning of it, you are your own canvas!